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Dental implants are the ultimate solution for replacing missing teeth. At Northern Colorado Periodontics, we are pleased to perform dental implant surgery for many patients in the Fort Collins, CO, area. Our periodontists have earned a reputation for excellence, and are the first choice referral for many restorative dentists in this region. We can perform the placement of your implants, and in some cases, provide an immediate temporary restoration. We also perform all types of preparatory procedures, if needed.

A 3-D rendering of how dental implants are situated among a patient's other teeth.
Dental implants can replace lost tooth roots, improve your oral health, and increase your quality of life.

About Dental Implant Surgery

The surgical placement procedure is crucial to the success of your dental implants outcome. The implanted posts are designed to fuse with your bone to become a permanent, stable fixture in your jaw. It is essential that each implant is ideally placed to support your new prosthetic teeth. Northern Colorado Periodontics pays particular attention to the planing phase, using 3-D, computerized digital imaging to ensure precise placement. Our surgeons are highly experienced and skilled, and our office is equipped with the latest digital imaging technology and computerized tomography (CT) scanners to improve your overall treatment process.

For your comfort, you can choose from either oral conscious or intravenous (IV) dental sedation during your procedure. Once you are ready, your surgeon will carefully make incisions in your gums. Using your detailed scans, they will gently make room in your jaw before placing your implant posts, disturbing the surrounding tissue as little as possible. Our advanced technology and experience helps to ensure your implants are placed in strongest areas of your jaw.

If you are receiving traditional dental implants, your doctor will close the incisions once the posts have been placed, and you will spend the next four to six months healing before receiving abutments to hold your permanent restoration in place. In some cases, we can provide same-day restorations. We will coordinate with your restorative dentist to provide your temporary restoration during the same procedure. Often, same-day restorations will be available for patients undergoing treatment with the All-on4® method. During this procedure, our doctors will place four implants in your jaw. The front two are placed traditionally, while the back two are placed at an angle to make the most of your current jawbone strength and tissue.

Advanced Treatment at Northern Colorado Periodontics

Our doctors are among the most highly qualified implant surgeons in the state. They utilize the latest in advanced technologies to provide patients with the best possible outcome. Our practice includes an on-site CT scanner, and we use the computerized NobelGuide system, which creates a custom-designed, visual surgical template.

Our board-certified oral surgeons also perform surgical preparatory procedures for implants patients, including bone grafting to improve jawbone volume and sinus lifts to ensure enough room for implant posts. We can also perform gum grafting and provide gum disease treatment for other who do not immediately qualify for dental implants because of periodontal disease.

Our doctors are among the most highly qualified implant surgeons in the state. They utilize the latest in advanced technologies to provide patients with the best possible outcome.

Experience Superior Care

With our doctor’s training and experience, they can perform safe, precise dental implant surgeries. Please contact us online today to schedule an appointment.

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