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Connective Tissue Grafting: Long-term Results for a Receding Gum Line

Connective Tissue Grafting (CTG) is a treatment for gum recession that involves transferring good tissue from the palate to the area of recession.  It offers predictable, lasting, time tested treatment of gingival (gum) recession.  This approach gives the best long-term results in a wide variety of recession situations.  While we always try to choose the least invasive procedure that will give excellent results, there are still situations where traditional gum grafting is necessary using a CTG.  For example, areas, where the gum tissue is genetically very thin, are best treated with a CTG approach.  Other options such as Dermal Matrix or Pinhole may not be effective with very thin gum tissue, or where the primary objective needs to be thickening of the gum tissue around a tooth or implant.

Most grafting procedures typically take about an hour and when healed, your gums will look great and will actually be stronger than they were in the first place. Your gum tissues will once again tightly seal around the teeth to protect your body from harmful oral bacteria and their by-products. Best of all, your smile will look years younger and you will be able to eat and drink comfortably with less sensitivity!

VISTA Technique

Periodontal plastic surgery has flourished in recent years with new and less invasive approaches to covering root surfaces to gain a more esthetic smile line. One of these new innovative techniques is the VISTA soft tissue grafting. VISTA is an acronym for: Vestibular Incision Subperiosteal Tunnel Access. This technique requires a very small access hole in the gum tissue where it is loosened along the teeth where root coverage needs to be obtained.

Interested in VISTA – call our offices today to find out more information and see if VISTA could be right for you?

Next Step

If you have been told or think that you may have gum recession, you can have confidence in the doctor’s ability to treat the problem. As board-certified specialists in periodontics, they have performed thousands of gum grafting procedures and have the experience and knowledge you can count on.

If you would like more information about gum grafting, please contact Drs. Shumaker and Allen’s office at 970-207-4061 to schedule a consultation appointment, or ask your general dentist for a referral.

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