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We offer Botox® for cosmetic patients, as well as those suffering from TMJ Syndrome and frequent migraines. Learn how we use Botox® treatments and therapies to treat TMJ Syndrome, headaches, and other facial pain.

Woman receiving Botox injection

About Botox®

Botox® is an FDA-approved purified protein that, when injected into targeted muscles, temporarily blocks their nerve signals and relaxes your muscles. This can reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, as well as temporarily relieve facial pain.

Radiate beauty and eliminate pain via Botox® treatments from Dr. Allen – trained in facial esthetics and pain treatment.

Within three to five days of the injection, your injected muscles become relaxed, which causes your skin on top of those muscles to lay flat and unwrinkled. Your ability to make facial expressions will be unaffected as untreated facial muscles are able to move in a normal fashion.

Typically, Botox® injections remain effective for three months. With continued, regular treatment, it helps train your facial muscles – reducing facial pain and wrinkles for longer lengths of time. These treatments can be scheduled to fit perfectly with your busy lifestyle and can conveniently fit around your routine appointments.

Dr. Allen administers your treatments with remarkable precision and accuracy.

  • TMJ Syndrome treatment, using Botox®, takes only a few minutes to administer
  • You’ll see results within three to five days of the procedure when your muscles fully relax
  • After a few Botox® treatments, most patients lose the habit associated with teeth grinding or jaw clenching
  • Your facial esthetics will also improve as wrinkles disappear and jaw slims down

We can help you look and feel great using the same treatment.

What is TMJ Syndrome?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ or TMD) occurs when your Temporomandibular Joint is functioning abnormally. This can become worsened by repetitive behaviors like teeth clenching, teeth grinding, fingernail biting, gum chewing, or any stress-causing enlargement of the neck and head muscles.

This dysfunction often causes considerable pain and, in some cases, impairment for individuals. More symptoms include migraines, chronic headaches, earaches, other various facial pain, and even damage to your teeth. Traditional TMJ Syndrome treatments involve wisdom teeth removal, full-mouth reconstructions, and nightguards – with limited success. Botox® is a powerful treatment for TMJ Syndrome, headaches, and a wide range of facial pain symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these or other TMJ-related symptoms, a diagnosis from your healthcare professional and the severity of your condition will determine whether you are a candidate for this treatment.

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