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Gingival Gum Recession


You may have heard the saying that people get “long in the tooth” as they get older. Well, it is not the teeth that are getting longer; it is actually the gums which are getting smaller! If gum disease is left untreated, the bone supporting the teeth dissolves away and the gums may pull back, or recede from the teeth. Aggressive toothbrushing, orthodontic treatment (braces), and tooth grinding may also contribute to gum recession.

Gingival (Gum) Recession on upper front teethWhen gum recession occurs, your teeth may appear longer and experience sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweets. With gum recession, unsightly gums and sensitive teeth are only the beginning. When the gums pull back away from the teeth, the body loses its natural defense mechanism against bacteria of the mouth. Your gums, when healthy, are firm and tightly adapt around teeth to seal the body from unwanted bacteria and their toxic by-products. If the gums recede, these bacteria are given an open door to invade the tissues that support your teeth.

Next Step

If you have been told or think that you may have gum recession, you can have confidence in Drs. Shumaker and Allen ability to treat the problem. As board-certified specialists in periodontics they have performed thousands of gum grafting procedures and have the experience and knowledge you can count on.

If you would like more information about gum grafting, please see our Gingival Recession Treatment section and contact our office at 970-207-4061 to schedule a consultation appointment, or ask your general dentist for a referral.

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