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Frenectomy Procedures for Adults and Children


The frenum is a small piece of connective tissue located inside the mouth that can sometimes cause cosmetic and health concerns for dental patients. Our doctors can safely remove the frenum during a quick, pain-free frenectomy procedure. Our team at North Colorado Periodontics in the Fort Collins, CO, area routinely performs frenectomies for adults and children. We use the latest techniques and equipment to provide minimally invasive procedures with faster recoveries.

Why Undergo a Frenectomy?

Patients have two labial frenum connecting the inside of their lips to the gums, as well as the lingual frenum, which anchors the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In children and teens, an overly prominent labial frenum can prevent the two front teeth from coming together, resulting in a gap between the teeth. At times, this frenum can also cause chronic pain and irritation. For a cosmetic or comfort issue, your child’s dentist may recommend a labial frenectomy. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with orthodontia.

A lingual frenectomy is sometimes performed when a child has a large, restrictive lingual frenum that interferes with normal function of the tongue. In many cases, children are able to work around a restrictive frenum to speak and eat normally, but sometimes there will be a struggle, especially breast-feeding infants

A frenum can also exert excessive pull on gum tissue, which can create or aggravate gum recession. When the gum tissue is thinned around the teeth, a frenectomy can help control a receding gum problem. Some denture patients also seek a frenectomy to improve the fit of their prosthetic teeth.

The Frenectomy Procedure

In the frenectomy procedure, the frenum is removed and the underlying tissue treated to prevent reattachment. Depending upon the individual case, either a blade or a laser can be used to remove the frenum, and there may or may not be need to suture the site. Some of our adult patients may need to undergo a gum graft at the same time as the frenectomy procedure.

For frenectory or any type of oral surgery, you are in the best possible hands at Northern Colorado Periodontics. Our highly experienced team of doctors are trusted by dentists throughout the state.

At Northern Colorado Periodontics, we also use advanced laser dentistry for many of our frenectomy patients. The laser prevents bleeding, and eliminates need for sutures. Typically, only a local anesthetic is needed during our frenectomy surgeries. We can also provide gentle, safe sedation to help anxious patients of all ages stay calm and comfortable.

After surgery, you may need to eat only soft foods for the first week. The complete healing process should take no longer than two weeks, and normal activities can be resumed as soon as patients feel able. Any discomfort is usually very manageable with over-the-counter pain medication.

Improve Your Oral Health

For frenectomy or any type of oral surgery, you are in the best possible hands at Northern Colorado Periodontics. Our highly experienced team of doctors are trusted by dentists throughout the state. From your first consultation through aftercare, you will be fully informed and treated with the utmost care. To schedule an appointment, please contact our offices in Fort Collins or Greeley today.

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