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Advanced Techniques for Periodontal Disease Treatment

For patients with periodontal disease, proper treatment can halt infection and prevent damaging repercussions, including bone and tooth loss. State-of-the-art periodontal disease treatment is available in the Fort Collins, CO, area at Northern Colorado Periodontics. Our practiced doctors are recognized leaders in the field of periodontics, and receive referrals from many dental professionals. Northern Colorado Periodontics welcomes all patients seeking periodontal assessment and treatment for gum disease. We provide a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to alleviate symptoms and protect your oral health.

Illustration of effects of gum disease

Northern Colorado Periodontics provides effective treatment for gum disease to address damage to gums and teeth.

Gum Disease and its Effects

Gum disease stems from natural bacteria in the mouth, which cause sticky plaque to form on teeth and underneath the gum line. If left too long to harden, the resulting tartar can only be removed by a dentist or hygienist. Untreated tartar build-up causes inflammation that can lead to the development of infected “pockets” in gum tissue.

The body’s immune response to this infection works to break down bone and connective tissue, leading to loosening of teeth and bone deterioration. Periodontal disease is also associated with serious bodily health conditions, including heart disease and complications during pregnancy.

Our Treatment Options

At Northern Colorado Periodontics, we provide diagnosis and treatment for all types of gum disease, from mild gingivitis to advanced stages of periodontitis. In all cases, proper maintenance therapy is an important part of our patients’ success, ensure optimal, long-term effects.

Scaling and Root Planing 

Our most conservative approach, scaling and root planing, also known as a deep cleaning, can be effective for mild to moderate gum disease. Performed with a local anesthetic, our doctors use ultrasonic hand instruments to remove bacteria and tartar from roots and pockets. They often prescribe a follow-up course of antibiotics, with recommendations for frequent cleanings and targeted hygienic practices.

Laser Procedures

Our practice uses the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), an innovative, pain-free method for removing diseased tissue and eliminating infection. The PerioLase® laser uses vibration to remove tartar and damaged gum tissue, and also disinfects and seals the area around the roots and bone. This method promotes healing and regeneration while preventing recurring infection.

Osseous Surgery and Bone Grafting

For patients experiencing bone loss from periodontitis, traditional periodontal surgery may be recommended. In the osseous surgical procedure, jagged areas of bone are smoothed away to allow gums to adhere to the surface of the teeth. Osseous surgery is often combined with bone grafting, a relatively simple procedure that replaces and regenerates damaged and lost bone. The goal is to stimulate the body’s natural healing and encourage bone regrowth.

Gingival Grafting 

Gum grafting is used to replace gum tissue for patients experiencing gum recession, a condition that can affect the appearance of your smile and cause pain and sensitivity. Our doctors offer traditional gingival grafting surgery as well as the new, minimally invasive Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

If you believe your teeth and gums may be impacted by periodontal disease, it is best to seek expert help as soon as possible.

Treatment for Peri-Implantitis

We offer several treatment options for patients experiencing peri-implantitis, or gum disease and bone loss surrounding a dental implant. In addition to deep cleaning and bone grafting procedures, we offer Laser Assisted Peri-lmplantitis Protocol (LAPIP™) treatment. This laser therapy technique removes diseased tissue around the implant and encourages new bone growth.

Receive Essential Care

If you believe your teeth and gums may be impacted by periodontal disease, it is best to seek expert help as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule an office appointment. We can provide the vital treatment you need to protect your oral health.

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